Gateway United Methodist Church hosts blood drive

When winter weather forced blood drive cancellations, the impact was more than just a canceled appointment, it meant less blood products available for patient emergencies here and across the country.

So, Gateway United Methodist decided to host a blood drive to help those out in the community.

The church began hosting blood drives about eight months ago and have been consistently hitting their goal.

Extreme winter weather forced the cancelation of hundreds of Red Cross blood drives in about 30 states and caused more than 15,000 blood and platelet donations to go uncontrolled.

Each blood donation saves about three lives.

Gateway United Church Chairperson Bill Murphy explains the importance of giving blood. “I have seen so many things in my life where just the fact somebody donated blood is the reason why a family is still together or a child is still with the parent and the parent is still with the child. It’s the thing that keeps people living.”

The church will continue to host blood drives each Thursday and they also have a meal program for those that would like to sign up for the blood drive on Wednesday.

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