Gas stations prepare for Mega Millions and Powerball

We are a week out from the Mega Millions and Powerball lottery ticket sales hitting our state.

The Stop and Geaux Shop in Gulfport is preparing for a very busy day come January 30th when these sales go live. They said since the start of scratch-offs back in November, customers have been steadily asking about when the big tickets would begin sales.

Unlike with the scratch-off preparations, there were no off-site training courses for the employees.

So they say it is going to be a learn as they go process come next Thursday.  Samantha Belsome with the Stop and Geaux said, “For the Powerball and Mega Millions we have had minimal training. The lottery commission has come by and brought us some materials and we are kind of having to train all of our team members ourselves. So I’ve been working with some sheets and trying to get some handouts for everybody to try and show them how it’s going to work. It is kind of going to be trial and error on Thursday so we just ask everyone to bear with us.”

The Powerball is currently sitting at 373 million and there hasn’t been a winner since November so they are expecting long lines and the lotto fever to be high.

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