Gas Prices in Mississippi Dropping

The price of gas is going down.

The average U.S. price of regular-grade gasoline has dropped 19 cents a gallon over the past several weeks and is now down to $2.74 a gallon.

In Mississippi, the price averages $2.29 a gallon, with the cheapest gas right here in South Mississippi.

Three gas stations in Waveland ring in at just $2.02 a gallon. You can find these deals at Murphy USA on Highway 90, at the Exxon at Highway 90 and Nicholson Avenue, and at the Circle K gas station on Highway 90.

And Gautier also has pretty cheap gas, as low as $2.03 and $2.05 this morning, all according to

Industry analysts say the lower crude oil prices are contributing to the drop at the pump

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