Gas prices lower than national average in Mississippi

Gas prices in Mississippi are lower than the national average by 34 cents on this Labor Day.

A three day weekend with no school and no work for some, lower gas prices are just one more thing to celebrate on this Labor Day holiday and an added bonus to local hospitality businesses. Shular Companies Director of Sales Ken Cole said, “It was a great weekend for us and I’m sure gas prices had something to do with it, but Labor Day weekend is usually a really, really good weekend for us, the last weekend of the summer, before school and things like that get started, but it was very strong this weekend. All three days were very strong.”

AAA’s gas prices website reported that the national average on this Labor Day is $2.22 for regular gas while Mississippi’s average sits at $1.88, something Uber Driver Travis Miller says has been great for his daily travels. “Me, I have a Honda so gas is not as bad. I probably, even with me driving all day as an Uber driver. I probably spend like 30 bucks of gas a day and so that fills me up and I just keep rolling until the next day. But gas prices have been great, you know, I can’t complain.”

Since gas prices are lower than they have been in over a decade for Labor Day, it may have been a factor for more travel. “So I mean it’s just a lot of factors, gas, the weather was great this weekend and you know just being the last big weekend of the summer.”

A year ago, Mississippi’s average gas prices were at $2.17.

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