Gas prices jump after Harvey

Get to the pumps while you can, gas prices are expected to rise thanks to Harvey.
According to CNN, gasoline spiked seven percent Sunday night after the storm devastating the Gulf Coast forced the shutdown of at least ten refineries in the Houston and Corpus Christi areas. The refineries process up to 2.2 million barrels of crude oil into products like gasoline. That means there will be less gasoline to meet the demand from American drivers.
Commuters in South Mississippi already noticed the price jump. Driver Norman White said, “The prices have been going up all over the Coast and this was the cheapest I could find, which was $2.06. So, just trying to stay ahead of the gas prices because I know they’re going to go up because of the storm in Houston with all the flooding and the devastation with all the refineries in the Gulf.”
Analysts say it often takes about a week for price swings to trickle down to drivers filling up at the pump.

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