Garcia Appears in Court for Janaya Thompson Murder Case

The State of Mississippi vs. Alberto Julio Garcia for the capital murder of Janaya Thompson will be heard by a grand jury.

The court was packed with Thompson’s family and community members as they watched Garcia enter the courtroom for his preliminary hearing. He sat emotionless as a Gulfport Police detective testified that Garcia admitted to sexually assaulting 5 year old, Janaya Thompson, and helping hang her with two pairs of socks. Police received preliminary D.N.A. results confirming Garcia sexually assaulted Thompson. Judge Robin Midcalf ruled the case will be heard by a grand jury. The prosecution is seeking the death penalty.

Herman Cox, Prosecuting Attorney, says, “Well, I’ll say this, in my 35 years of practicing law, I’ve never seen a more brutal and senseless killing. This defendant is just pure evil. I think the only proper penalty in a case like this would be the death sentence, but that’s up to a jury of course to decide when they hear the case.”

Julian Gray, another person of interest in the case, is being held on unrelated charges. Detectives are waiting on evidence from the F.B.I.’s crime lab that may link him to the capital murder case.

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