Game inside the game: New Orleans Saints vs. Malcolm Jenkins

When it comes to relationships and love lost, ‘the one that got away’ is always the hardest to get over and it’s the same way in the NFL. At least that’s how New Orleans Saints Head Coach Sean Payton feels about Malcolm Jenkins having so much success with another team.

Despite playing a key role with the Saints during their run to a Super Bowl 44 championship, they never offered Jenkins an extension following his rookie deal. That became all the more bittersweet when Jenkins helped lead the Philadelphia Eagles to a triumph in Super Bowl 52 last season.

Payton called it one of the bigger mistakes he’s ever made on this week’s conference call, adding a game inside the game to an already compelling rematch.  Saints Tight End Ben Watson said, “A few weeks ago we played, and again he’s No. 27 in the green jersey and so that’s who we’re playing against. But as you see in every game, you see guys come together afterwards and shake hands and there’s a tremendous amount of respect that all of us have for each other.”

“We talk about it all the time, there’s not many things in life that you get second chances at and I don’t think anybody left that stadium feeling good about what we put out there. I think what we saw the way things were shaking out that most likely if we got into the playoffs we’d have to go back and see that team, so we’ve earned that opportunity and very much so looking forward to the opportunity to compete,” said Jenkins.

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