FunTime USA Returning to the Coast

Bumper boats, go-karts and mini golf are making a comeback on the Coast. Today Gulf Amusements LLC announced the location for the return of a family fun amusement park.
It may look like an empty field now but in less than a year, Mr. Humpty Dumpty and the rest of the FunTime USA crew are making their big comeback. Co-Owner of Gulf Amusements LLC Rafe O’Neal said, “We’ve secured 4.3 acres at the corner of Cowan and Highway 90 in Gulfport to rebuild FunTime USA and very shortly we are going to be starting construction on phase one, which will look a lot like the old park.”
Rafe O’Neal’s family owned the popular amusement park before Hurricane Katrina washed most of it away. Now his main goal is to bring back a new park but in a way reminiscent of the old one. “We’re restoring the old merry-go-round that was at the park that Katrina did some damage to. That’s going to be awesome. You can adopt a horse if you want to be a part of FunTime USA. You can adopt a horse and have your name put on a horse for all time.”
O’Neal says the process to bring back FunTime USA has been a rollercoaster but it’s all been possible with the support of a community eager to see the blast from the past come back to life. Co-Owner of Gulf Amusements LLC Romy Simpson said, “This is where I brought my children in the past and now I’m going to be bringing my grandchildren which makes it all very magical and special.”
Simpson met O’Neal a year ago and instantly joined in on the effort to see the park resurrected. She and O’Neal both believe the return of FunTime USA will bring much needed family fun activities to a Coast that’s lacking in that department. “This is something that we haven’t seen a lot of development of since Katrina. Everybody keeps talking about tourism and families and there’s not a lot to do. We’re going to give everybody something to do with their families and all generations, grandparents and children and everyone in between. It’s kind of just been my driving passion,” said O’Neal.
The park is expected to open next summer just in time for the Fourth of July.

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