Funds allocated to waterline improvements in Pascagoula

Last night, the Pascagoula City Council voted unanimously to allocate American Rescue Plan Act funds to address aging infrastructure in the city.

The first installment of funds, which totals nearly $2.6 million, will be used to replace and relocate failing water distribution infrastructure in the 8th and 13th Street area as well as the South Fernwood and Redwood Streets area.

Some of the upgrades include moving water lines outside of asphalt, improving meter and valve access and hydrant location, in addition to maintenance issues.

Currently, these locations require regular maintenance and are a common source of water outages and boil water notices in the city. Pascagoula City Manager Michael Silverman said, “The American Rescue Plan Act is aimed at improving infrastructure and in the City of Pascagoula infrastructure is a top priority by our elected officials and our administration. In this area in particular on 9th street is a very crucial part for focusing on improvements given the needs of making waterline improvements and providing essential needs and functions for our citizens. This is an area that has significant aging and we want to make sure our citizens have options available when it comes to public utilities.”

The city’s next step for this project is submitting requests for qualifications from engineering firms during the July 27th meeting. After a firm is chosen, the project will move into the construction phase.

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