Fundraiser for veteran’s service dog

Service animals oftentimes serve as a life line for their owners. Now, there’s one service dog here in Mississippi that needs your help.

Everyday service dogs help save the lives of their owners, but now, one service dog named Jingles needs our help to save his life. “I’m trying to raise money to get him the procedure that he needs to find out if it’s a tumor or a brain bleed and see what they can do. You know, I have had Jingles for six years and he has saved my life so many times out of those six years. Now, it’s my time to save his.”

Jingle’s owner, Nikki Best, is a U.S. Army veteran. She was deployed to Iraq. Nikki suffers from post-traumatic stress disorder which Jingles helps her deal with. “He keeps me alive. Basically when I have my episodes and flashbacks, he brings me back to reality. He doesn’t leave my side. He just, I don’t know, he is an amazing dog.”

Jingles is not your ordinary service dog. He’s the dog behind House Bill 944 that allows veterans rights for service animals. “It is stated that PTSD service dogs are recognized in the state of Mississippi along with the seeing and hearing impaired. So, veterans don’t have to be afraid anymore. I don’t have to be afraid anymore to walk out and go to the store and go to the restaurant and sit down and eat because I have my life support with me.”

The procedure that Jingles needs is around $3,000 and that’s where you step in. Nikki is raising money to help cover her dog’s medical expenses. “You know, having you guys make the donations or buy the t-shirts to save his life is a miracle. I could not do this without you guys, without anyone’s help.”

To buy a t-shirt to support Jingles or to donate you can search ‘Nikki Best’ on Facebook.

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