Fundraiser in Support of Gulfport Officer Who Suffered a Brain Aneurysm

A police officer who suffered a brain aneurysm last week is now hospitalized and family and friends are holding a fundraiser to help cover his medical expenses.
As the sun was coming up on Wednesday morning, 43-year-old Shawn Williams was clinging to his life. “Officer Williams sustained a brain aneurysm and a possible stroke. As such, he was rushed to the hospital at Memorial ICU, was admitted and had an operation where they put a coil in his head to help with the aneurysm,” said Lt. Kincaid with the Gulfport Police Department.
Officer Williams has been with the Gulfport Police Department since 2007 and he’s a man the Gulfport community has grown to love. “Outstanding officer, very compassionate, easy to talk too, well known throughout the community, well known officer,” said Lt. Kincaid.
Jourdan Hartshorn, said, “It was kind of devastating. I’ve been staying with the family, visiting them. It’s very hard on us right now.” Jourdan’s father works for the Gulfport Police Department and for the two of them, the news was crushing.
Now that Officer Williams is in stable condition, the community is joining forces with the police department to do their part to help. On Thursday, if you order pizza at East Pass Road Papa John’s or at Crossroads Papa Johns, 20 percent of all proceeds will go towards Officer Williams’s medical bills.
Both Lt. Kincaid and Hartshorn are overwhelmed by the support of the Gulfport community. In just five days, Officer Williams ‘Go Fund Me’ account has already reached nearly $8,000.
Twenty percent of Papa John’s sales on Thursday will go toward Officer William’s medical cost.

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