Frozen roads cause accident spike

Bridges are back open throughout Harrison County after ice formed causing a dangerous commute for drivers. News 25’s Gina Tomlinson shows us what Harrison County roads looked like today when the hard freeze hit the Coast.
Waking up to ice covered windshields and frozen roadways, a recipe for dangerous road conditions in Harrison County. Maine resident Robert Lamarre said, “Any place that the sun wasn’t shining, was glare ice, very, very dangerous driving.”
Ice from Wednesday morning’s hard freeze is what police say caused over 15 accidents in Gulfport and over 20 wrecks from midnight on in Biloxi. Lt. Christopher DeBack said, “In the early morning, we’ve had some vehicles slide off ramps and corner cross bridges.”
Ice sitting on bridges forced authorities to close several overpasses in Harrison County. The Biloxi-Ocean Springs Bridge was too big for the road department to salt down and far too icy for drivers to cross safely. Gulfport resident Joe Davidson said, “People aren’t accustomed to driving with this ice on the roads.”
The frozen roads and freezing temperatures were not what Robert and Nancy Lamarre from Maine were expecting to see on their vacation. “This is all new for us, the Gulf Coast, but not the icicles on the bushes and very slippery roads some of the way and that was a surprise.”
Learning from December’s snowstorm the Harrison County Road Department doubled up on road salt and used new equipment to spread it on major bridges throughout the county. Harrison County Road Manager Russell Weatherly said, “Salt spreaders, tailgate spreaders that goes on the back of a pickup truck that we can spread some salt with a little more easier, a little more quicker than we can using the back of a tractor.”
No fatalities or major injuries were reported in the accidents.

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