Friends Gather to Honor a Fallen Hero

Often times a veteran will pass away and a hero is forgotten. But today in Biloxi, a local family said goodbye to a fallen hero who they had welcomed into their own family.
Albert E. Marinaro was a former Air Force and Coast Guard veteran in the Vietnam War. He was in his early 70’s when he passed away. Marinaro had no relatives but for the past 30 years, his neighbors had taken on the role of his family. Every year at Christmas, they would invite him to partake in their festivities.
Sherrie Dubois’ mother, Jerrie, was his caretaker for the last 18 years. “About 18 years ago, he had a stroke and they was talking about putting him in the VA and Momma had always talked to him and stuff, so she started taking care of him so they wouldn’t have to put him in there,” said Sherrie Dubois.
Sherrie Dubois and her family said they did not expect to see anyone other than themselves at the funeral and were amazed by those who came to pay their respects, when they didn’t even know Mr. Al.

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