Friends and family help local woman celebrate with a drive-thru baby shower

We’ve seen people in their cars for birthday and school parades on the Coast over the past few months, but how about a baby shower parade?

Devahn Delaneuville’s baby shower was originally set to be held in March, but had to be postponed due to COVID-19.

However, with the help of her aunts and family, she received a shower, social distancing style.

Cars filled with friends lined Howard Avenue for the chance to pass by and say hi and bring over all the essentials she’ll need as a mom-to-be.

Devahn even received an extra special present from her great-grandmother who passed away three days after she found out she was expecting.

Both mom and dad say this is a party they’ll never forget.  Devhan said, “We have pictures to show our baby whenever she’s born.”

Father-to-be Caleb Edison said, “Everybody just coming together, social distancing, at the same time. Just having everybody here, having a good time and just support. It’s just been amazing. It really is.”

Devahn’s due date is May 30th and she and Caleb are set to welcome a baby girl!

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