Free seminar on estate planning

Are you in need of a living will or maybe just not sure on the first steps to take during estate planning?
Mercy Housing and Human Development in Gulfport held a one-hour seminar tonight open to the public to discuss the importance of having a will in place before death and how exactly the process works. Local residents that attended the survey learned about things like financial planning and credit counseling.
A member of the Mercy Housing and Human Development tells News 25 more about the event. Julie Egressy with Mercy Housing and Human Development said, “You’re gonna go through all the legal jargon that goes into a will, talk about who needs to be in your will, talk about your estate talk about everything you have and the importance of having those items and putting them down on paper.”
Egressy says it is important for everyone to plan a will no matter what age they are.

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