Free internet opportunity from AT&T for eligible households

Bridging the digital divide has become especially important since the beginning of the COVID-19 pandemic and now a free internet opportunity is available for eligible families in South Mississippi.

In December, AT&T combined their ‘Access with AT&T’ plan with the federal ‘Affordable Connectivity Program’ to provide free internet.

People and families eligible for this new program include those with kids on free or reduced school lunch and those in the SNAP program as well as veterans and social security recipients.

Area Retail Sales Manager Ravin Godwin says this program gets internet access to the people who need it most. “No one should suffer from not having internet access. Again, people are working from home and different things like that. We want everybody to be able to connect with everyone, everywhere they go, whether it’s work from home, whether it’s school work, whether it’s the kids playing games.”

To find out if you qualify, go to and click ‘do I qualify’ if yes then click on ‘how to apply.’

You’ll receive a notification within 24 hours letting you know the application has been completed and another notification once you’ve been approved for the program.

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