Free Breakfast for First Responders

Employees at Garden Park Medical Center served up a tasty breakfast for first responders this morning.
Members of Garden Park say they are proud to have dedicated fire, police, active duty military and EMS partners in the community and this is one simple way to say thank you.
Sheriff Deputy Rebecca Wright is on both sides as a deputy and as a security guard at the hospital. After seeing what nurses and doctors go through, she believes they deserve a thank you as well. “I get to see what happens after the scene is over out on the street. I get to see what happens inside the ER. I’ve worked here for almost two years now. It’s a great family environment and everyone has each other’s back and it’s very similar to law enforcement. We work very closely together. We couldn’t do our job without one another sometimes. It’s a very fantastic relationship.”
Garden Park also served free lunch this afternoon.

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