Fraud and scam prevention seminar for seniors

The trust department from The Peoples Bank hosted a fraud and scams prevention seminar for senior citizens this morning in Pass Christian.

About two dozen adults and seniors attended the seminar where Harrison County Sheriff Office’s Lt. Robert Lincoln gave tips on how to prevent becoming a victim to fraud and typical things people should look out for.  Several people attending the seminar even raised their hands to share personal fraud stories.

The Peoples Bank Trust Officer Thomas Quave says there’s been a lot of fraud activity happening lately and they think a lot of it can be prevented through education. “It’s mainly keeping your information safe, keep it close to you. Don’t give it to anybody who asks for it. Make sure you know who you’re dealing with anytime you do give your information out to anybody. Make sure you keep your pin codes memorized, don’t write them down and don’t keep them in your wallets or purses.”

Quave says that information is important for everybody, not just senior citizens. He says banking institutions don’t have control over what customers do with their personal information.

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