Fourth of July Weekend Leaves Coast Beaches Trashed

The holiday weekend might be over but the Gulf Coast is seeing a messy aftermath.
News 25’s Laurene Callander caught up with Sand Beach Authority to see how they plan on cleaning up the trash on our beaches.
The popping of fireworks along gulf beaches is now replaced with the sounds of trash clean-up now that the Fourth of July weekend has come to a close. Since Sunday morning, Sand Beach Authority has already picked up eight tons of trash, an ugly sight for the average beach goer: “little bit of everything, fireworks, and just plates and you know leftover stuff from the weekend,” said Johanah Falcon, a Pass Christian resident.
Locals aren’t the only ones noticing. Officials say this mess can really damage the Coast’s reputation with tourists visiting after the Independence Day weekend.
Sand Beach Authority Director Chuck Loftis said, “If they come in, they weren’t here for the Fourth, so they’ll be here this weekend, they’ll still see remnants of this and that’ll give them a bad taste in their mouth and we want to put our best foot forward to try to get the area to look as best as we can for the visitors when they are coming here.”
While the amount of trash collected was about the same as years before, officials say they were surprised that so much litter was left on the ground, especially after their efforts to keep the sand clean.
“We put the dumpsters in different locations, we put a sign that said ‘please put your trash in its place’ but most of them were still empty yesterday morning,” said Loftis.
Officials say the beach clean-up will continue for the next two to three weeks.

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