Four Ocean Springs students hold bake sale for Hurricane Sally victims

Four Ocean Springs students made the most of their hurricane day by collecting $1,400 for Hurricane Sally victims.

The students used their day off to bake chocolate chip cookies and sell them in their neighborhood. Going door to door, the girls raised $500 and the pastor of Mosaic Church matched what they sold giving them an additional $500. Local engineering firm Machado Patano also gave the girls $400. Aniston Patano, one of the girls who raised the money, said, “I have a video on my phone of Orange Beach and the piers are destroyed and there are boats everywhere. So, we decided to raise money for that and the people who lost their homes.”

Aniston’s father, Brad Patano, said, “So, when it turned east we were very fortunate, very blessed that it didn’t come here, but also sad that it went somewhere that’s so close and special to us and the girls. So, yesterday on their day off they decided to have a bake sale and send that money down to Orange Beach to help.”

Keeping the effort local, the girls are working with Comeback Coolers out of Ocean Springs which brings goodies to individuals they see working on their houses after a natural disaster.

The girls say they had no idea their bake sale would be so successful. Abby Walton, one of the girls who raised money, said, “It was fun because we have a special recipe. Alissa Kate’s mom does and the cookies always turn out really good with that recipe. So, we had three different pans because we wanted to have enough for the whole neighborhood, but we still ran out!”

Alissa Kate Lewis, one of the girls who raised money, said, “At first I thought we were going to get a couple of donations, but we ended up getting a lot more than I thought. (What was it like when someone handed you a one hundred dollar bill for the first time?) We tried to play it cool, but when she shut the door we started screaming.”

They are donating 16 coolers to Comeback Coolers. They’re also working with their classmates at Ocean Springs Elementary to finish decorating them.

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