Four local Mary Kay businesswomen get Cadillacs

Blue skies ahead for four South Mississippi Mary Kay businesswomen who have proven to be a driving force when it comes to selling Mary Kay cosmetics.

Mary Kay Senior Sales Director Dee Dee Hooks said, “It floats. It’s wonderful. It’s just smooth. It’s just a pink magic carpet ride.”

Mary Kay Cosmetics Senior Sales Director Dee Dee Hooks is referring to her pretty new pink Cadillac SUV. The Ocean Springs businesswoman has accelerated at what she loves, selling Mary Kay Cosmetics and making people feel beautiful. It’s not a path she first set out on. “I wasn’t a glamorous person. I was a chicken farmer, and I had two little boys and was married at that time. I wanted to buy my boys something that they knew I paid for, and that was a ski boat. That’s the reason I joined Mary Kay, and I never thought 23 years later this is where I would be.”

It’s been a pretty smooth ride since then and has gotten even better for Dee Dee Hooks and three fellow Mary Kay Cosmetics saleswomen located here in South Mississippi, who all just earned free, shiny pink Cadillacs for meeting their set sales goals recently.

Family is the driving force behind these ladies’ success, just ask Christina McGillivray, a mother of five. “It’s actually kind of ironic, because I’ve owned like five Cadillacs, and none of them has been brand new before, so I’ve always had a joke that my next Cadillac is going to be pink, and now it is. For me it means a lot, because now my family has a safe reliable vehicle to travel in, and that’s all because of Mary Kay.”

Individual Sales Director Mary Kay Cosmetics Christine Williams said, “Mary Kay just really rose to the challenge whenever the pandemic started and really just helped us be able to work our business virtually, and just provided things like reduced shipping for us and provided a way for us to be able to reach out to our customers, and to be able to provide the product right at our customers’ doorsteps.”

Sitting behind the wheel of these Cadillacs has only revved up these ladies’ drive to sell more cosmetics. Mary Kay Cosmetics Senior Sales Director Jeanine Murphy said, “Oh my gosh, yes, to make people feel good, especially with what’s been happening, just to give them that moment, has been a dream come true, just to put smiles on people’s faces during this time.”

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