Foster pets from Jackson County Animal Shelter embarking on a journey

A bittersweet parting as the sun came up in Ocean Springs this morning as some four-legged fur babies said goodbye to their local foster parents for a cross country trip.

Foster Parent Jaime Lockmane said, “His name’s Jackson. He’s nine years old. He’s a lab/hound mix, and he’s going to go to his forever home in Baltimore.”

Jackson was one of the eight pets from the Jackson County Animal Shelter lined up to embark on a cross-country journey Thursday morning.

A bittersweet parting for Jackson and his foster mother Jaime Lockmane, although it’s not her first time around the block as a foster mother. “He’s the ninth one we’ve fostered and the first one we thought we may actually keep.”

Jackson and these other special passengers are heading out to their new forever homes hundreds of miles away from Connecticut to Pennsylvania. Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter Volunteer Ron Pelland said, “Up North, the rules are very strict, and they can’t get dogs up there fast enough so every two weeks we take some dogs there – sometimes we do 20 dogs. Today we’re only doing eight. The shelter here is slammed full, and the more volunteers we have, the more dogs we can get out of the shelter.”

These foster parents and the volunteers with the Friends of the Jackson County Animal Shelter pets group paved the way for these South Mississippi four-legged orphans to find permanent families across state lines.

Speaking of that, anyone who lives in Jackson County can pitch in by purchasing a special tag, 90 percent of the money you spend on this specialized plate goes to support pets at the Jackson County Animal Shelter.

As for Jackson and Jaime Lockmane, this isn’t the end of the road for them. “It is great when we get pictures, especially with them playing in snow after they’ve been down here in South Mississippi all their lives, but we really enjoy getting those pictures and those videos.”

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