Former US ambassador Glendon resigns from Vatican bank board

The former U.S. ambassador to the Holy See, Mary Ann Glendon, has resigned from the board of the Vatican bank in the latest vote of no-confidence in the bank’s efforts to turn itself around.

The Institute for Religious Works said Friday that Glendon was leaving to “devote more time to other Catholic causes.” But her departure follows the still unexplained firing of the bank’s respected deputy manager, Giulio Mattietti. Vatican officials have been unusually mum about the mysterious dismissal, as well as reports of internal dissatisfaction with the remaining bank management.

Glendon, a Harvard University law professor, had been U.S. ambassador to the Holy See from 2007-2009 and joined the board of the IOR as it worked to clean up its decades-long reputation for scandal and mismanagement.

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