Former tenant of old Harrison County Skate Park arrested

The former tenant of the old skate park on Debuys Road, Kevin Mattina was arrested today on a felony charge after being accused of stealing equipment from the property owned by Harrison County.
This all began about five months ago when Kevin Mattina leased what used to be the old skate park on Debuys Road. Just ten days ago, a new investigation unfolded.
Harrison County Board of Supervisors terminated the lease with Mattina and according to County Attorney Tim Holleman, Mattina owes several thousand dollars in unpaid power bills and sold county property, bleachers to be specific, for scrap.
Jump to yesterday, when the Harrison County Sheriff’s Department went to the property to take inventory, uncovered casino-like equipment in the facility, seven gaming tables and seven containers filled with gaming equipment like poker chips and playing cards.
Today, Harrison County Sheriff Troy Peterson announced the arrest of 49-year-old Mattina on a felony charge of false pretense.
According to Sheriff Peterson, the Harrison County Board of Supervisors filed a report with the sheriff’s department in reference to a false pretense complaint. Mattina was booked in the Harrison County Adult Detention Center and held on a $15,000 bond by Justice Court Judge Brandon Ladner.
News 25 reached out to Mattina and has yet to receive a response.

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