Former News 25 employee recounts Capitol chaos

One of our own, former News 25 Production Assistant and USM Gulf Coast Film School graduate Daniele ‘Dani’ Bolf was actually working at the United States Capitol when the chaos erupted and gunfire broke out in Washington, D.C. this week.

News 25’s Toni Miles has an exclusive one-on-one interview and account of that day that rocked our nation and the world.

“They didn’t give us any information. They just said you’ve got to go. It’s not a drill! Move! Fast, fast, fast. They started walking everybody out. They said – you’ve got to move because everybody was like, is this a joke? What is happening?”

Daniele Bolf worked at News 25 several years ago as a production assistant. This week, the USM film school graduate was on the front lines at the United States Capitol shooting live shots as Congress counted electoral college votes when chaos erupted.

Armed with only her camera, Bolf, the TV news station D.C. Bureau reporter she was working with, and others at the Capitol House Rotunda were ushered into the Capitol’s basement cafeteria for shelter. “It was a little overwhelming because you’re in the Capitol. You’re watching the TV, and you can’t do anything, you know. You just don’t understand how big it was until we actually got out. We could not believe they actually damaged Capitol Hill like that. They broke the windows. They damaged some statues. They broke some furniture.”

But not the resolve of journalists like Bolf whose work is her calling. “Yes, Mississippi is in my heart. This is my second home. Brazil my first, Mississippi, my second, I went to the University of Southern Mississippi. I feel very fortunate that WXXV was my opening door and safest way to this world, and I would have never imagined that I would be working in the national Capitol and being in the White House every day and being so close to the Congressman and the President himself.”

After several hours, Bolf and others were released from the basement and continued to work throughout the night, bringing viewers the latest updates on this global story as they continue to do today.

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