Former Long Beach police officer pleaded guilty to manslaughter

Former Long Beach Police Officer Cassie Barker who was charged in the death of her young daughter a few years ago after allegedly leaving the young girl in her vehicle was in court today for a plea hearing.

The state decided to amend the indictment of second degree murder charge back down to the original charge of manslaughter which Barker plead guilty to.

However, she was given the chance by the judge to tell her side of the story.

She said back on September 30th, 2016 she had just gotten off of her shift as a police officer in Long Beach and went to pick up her three-year-old daughter Cheyenne.

After picking up her daughter, she went to her sergeant’s house, proceeded to have sex with him and then fell asleep for three to four hours while her three-year-old was still in her patrol car.

She immediately called 911 after she found her daughter unresponsive. It was recorded that her daughter had a body temperature of 107 degrees from being in the car.

Barker was holding back tears and is taking full responsibility for her actions.

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