Former Governor Haley Barbour Discusses 10th Anniversary of Hurricane Katrina

In just over a month, ten years will have passed since Katrina devastated the Coast.
Tonight, former Governor Haley Barbour joined local officials and the public to speak on the challenges still facing the Coast as we rebuild.
The former governor was elected into office in 2004 and just a year later, Hurricane Katrina hit. Barbour responded by working with local, state and national leaders to tap into resources to bring assistance into the area. Governor Barbour says he won’t celebrate the 10th anniversary, but he will commemorate how far we have come. “I’m proudest of the way our people responded to this. They got knocked down flat. I mean, this was the worst national disaster in American history and yet our people, they showed their character.”
Next month, Barbour is publishing a book just in time for Katrina’s 10th anniversary. He says it’s not a political book, but will be about disaster prep and what the state did before and during the hurricane.

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