Former Diamondhead City Manager Indicted for Perjury

Former Diamondhead City Manager, Richard Rose, has been indicted on a perjury charge.

A Harrison County grand jury indicted Rose on Tuesday, alleging he lied to state unemployment officials when he said he had not demanded a year’s salary in exchange for keeping silent on incriminating allegations about the city’s mayor. Council members said he was ineffective as city manager, and News 25 spoke with Rose’s attorney, James Bailey Halliday, who firmly believes he was fired over political differences.

Halliday says, "This is a very specious criminal charge. Mr. Rose is not guilty of perjury in any form, manner, or fashion. The city had lost at the hearing for his unemployment benefits. The administrative law judge determined that he was not fired like the city officials said because he was doing a bad job, he was fired for political reasons, which is what we said all along, and the administrative law judge agreed with us."

Rose served as City Manager for about two years before being fired in June of 2014.

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