Former Army Band Director gets new Wheels

A retired director of the Army band has new wheels thanks to Crusaders for Veterans.
Bernice Goldstein, who everyone refers to as Goldie, cruised through the halls of the Armed Forces Retirement Home in her brand new wheelchair.
Goldie retired as the director back in 1975, but continues to play music at the retirement home in Gulfport.
The powered wheelchair was donated by Connie Clark in Pascagoula to Crusaders for Veterans who felt Goldie was the perfect person to receive it. Crusaders for Veterans President Kevin Cuttill said, “Her health is diminishing and stuff and getting around and pushing herself is getting hard. The mobile device is powered. It helps her get around. It adjusts to how she’s got to sit.”
Goldie joined the Army Corps when she was 21. She played the drums, key board, guitar, string bass, piano and the French horn.

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