Following a Simple Law Could Prevent Accidents between Motorists and Cyclists

Over the past week, coast roads have been the scene of two accidents involving cyclists, one of them turned fatal.
As more cyclists hit the streets, News 25’s Bryan Kennedy also hit the streets to shed more light on the law that motorists are ignoring.
Rodney Watt has been the owner of Gulfport’s Cyclist Choice for 18 years. During that time, many cyclists have come through his door, including 18 year old Matthew Weede of Long Beach. Weede died this past weekend after being struck while riding his bike on Mississippi 63.
Watt tells News 25, motorists who follow one Mississippi law could save future cyclists: “The three foot law, when you pass a cyclist, you should give them three foot when you go past them in an automobile.”
Watt believes motorists aren’t ignoring the law; they just aren’t area of it. “More people just don’t know about the law and I think that’s the main thing, is just getting people educated,” he said.
Matthew Weede wasn’t the only victim of a cycling accident over the weekend. A 39 year old cyclist is in stable condition after police say he was struck by a hit and run driver on Pass Road. That driver has now been caught. Christopher De Back with the Biloxi Police Department said, “Yesterday afternoon, we located the suspect at his work and placed him under arrest. Brought him here to the police department and conducted interviews of course.” He also said, “ there’s not bicycle lanes on each road so as long as the bicyclists is following the rule and going with the flow of traffic you know, anybody in a car should give them that courtesy and move over those three feet and share the road.”
The city of Biloxi will be holding a ribbon cutting tomorrow morning for a new bike patch that runs through downtown Biloxi from Howard to Porter Avenue.

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