Flu Season in South Mississippi

Despite the warm winter we’re having, the flu virus is making its rounds here in South Mississippi. Each year from December to March our region experiences a spike in cases of the flu.
While taking anti-viral medications at the first signs of flu can reduce the duration of the illness, the most effective method of combating the sickness is receiving a flu shot before being exposed to the influenza virus. Vaccinations are typically available at most pharmacy’s and local health care clinics. Nurse Practitioner Kimaka Bowens said, “For the most part being protected by the influenza vaccination will prevent you from getting actual flu. There is a stigma that getting the flu vaccine will cause you to get sick which is not true. You may get symptoms of the cold, especially if you’re already immuno-compromised. Making sure that you’re healthy when you get the shot is important.”
According to the Mississippi Department of Health, in 2016 confirmed cases of the flu have been the most common in those younger than 24-years-old.

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