Florida Artist Who Designed Wooden Oak Sculptures Returns to Give them Makeovers

After nearly 10 years, the famous Katrina sculptures in Biloxi have received a makeover.
Florida artist, Marlin Miller, returned to the coast to revitalize the dead oak art pieces he originally created in 2004. Miller and his son, Preston, along with “Hands on Mississippi” volunteers, have been working for the past five days, repairing, painting and stabilizing the sculptures throughout the city.
One sculpture near Rodenberg Avenue was tampered with and it appeared someone attempted to steal it, but Miller re-attached that sculpture.
Kevin O’Brien, Ohr O’Keefe executive director, said, “When you stop and look at them, they’re really beautiful and unfortunately sometimes, we take them for granted. I think now with this effort and them being revitalized that people will pay a lot more attention to them and see how beautiful they really are.”
The project costs $15,000. O’Brien says the sculptures will eventually deteriorate, but efforts to preserve them for as long as possible will continue.

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