Flooding rescues in Gulfport

Areas all over the Coast experienced flooding Sunday as rain fell for several hours.
Some low-lying areas in Gulfport saw water rising yesterday afternoon around 2 p.m. The high waters made for dangerous conditions for some residents that live on Oaklane Drive.
Harrison County fire and police took boats back into the neighborhood to rescue anyone who needed to be brought to safety. One of those rescues included a mom and her two small daughters. There were no injuries reported from the flooding. Harrison County Fire Chief Pat Sullivan said, “We are sending in specialized response crews because there is some swift water that is moving through at the bridge. It’s not safe to walk through there or bring their car we don’t believe right now, so we are sending our crews in to check with residents and find out if anyone needs to be evacuated and we have the shelter set up if they are needed.”
The teams made around two trips to rescue people, but many residents opted to wait out the storm in their homes.

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