Flooding Remains a Concern in Gulfport

News 25’s Kendra Turley is on Three Rivers Road in Gulfport, an area that is no stranger to flooding.
Many residents are already starting to see several inches of water cover their front and back yards.
Waters are also on the rise just around the corner on O’Neal Road. Many residents are already starting to take precaution by sandbagging the exterior of their home.
Residential areas aren’t the only ones with flood concerns. Business owners along Creosote Road say it didn’t take much more than an hour for the streets to start flooding.
Mendon Woodcock with Exterior Solutions said, “It didn’t take near after that before the cars started racing down and usually we have an accident or two. I know back when it rained in April which was worse than today. I think we had three accidents where we had to help people get out of ditches. It’s pretty nice out here compared to what it was in April.”
The water in some of these areas has gone down since this afternoon.

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