Flooding problems at O’Neal Road apartments

Heavy rain means problems for people living at the O’Neal Road apartments in Gulfport. Long-time residents say floods have been an issue in the neighborhood for decades.
It was more than just a little bit of water in the middle of the O’Neal Road apartments after heavy rain came through Gulfport, flooding out yards and driveways. Long-time resident Veronica Scaief says it looks like this every time it rains. “It floods. That’s what it does, but I’ve been blessed. I haven’t had any water come in, but I don’t think they’re so lucky in the middle.”
Toward the middle of the apartments is where Dustin Paugh lives. He tells News 25 the collecting water creates an overflow of problems, issues that residents have been forced to deal with for years. “Water gets up and people have to park their cars up on the side that way they can get in and out for work.”
A considerable amount of water also submerged O’Neal Road, making it tough for drivers. A lawn service specialist tells News 25 the flooding was so bad at the O’Neal Road apartments the company couldn’t finish their job here. “Even the mailman couldn’t go through there. He had to turn around and come out so it’s a big problem. The school bus couldn’t even drop the kids. They had to just drop them right here and they walked to their apartments and most of them are having to walk through water.”
For these residents heavy rain can be costly. “Mess up their vehicles causing them to have to pay more, make them late for work so that they might not make enough money that they’re needing to survive,” said Paugh.
Residents tell News 25 they’ve also seen snakes swimming in the water. “We had a snake go up into a lady’s apartment last time we were here.”
Residents are hoping the City of Gulfport can help. “Try to raise the roads or try to get some more drains out here.”

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