Flooding leaves Woolmarket residents frustrated

With the heavy rains we’ve been experiencing some Woolmarket residents received flooding on the neighborhood streets that they say they normally do not see and are now frustrated with the draining, the construction that’s been done to the ditches, and the City of Biloxi.

One resident of the Larkin Road subdivision says her house already flooded just from today’s rainstorms. The subdivision off Old Highway 67 on Rocky Mountain Drive has streets flooded with a truck in the middle of the street with water up to its headlights.

Residents of the subdivision tell News 25 they are frustrated with the construction company who “messed with the ditches” in front of their homes and want something done about it. Resident Bernice Aucoin said, “They don’t come clean the drainings. They don’t come and make sure the, I guess they’re called bypass waterway coverts, where the main flow is, they don’t come and make sure that they’re clear of debris. They don’t come and maintain them. They don’t trim them. They don’t cut them. They’ve been promising us for approximately a year that they were going to come out here and re-dig them to make sure that they correct what the construction guy did and make sure that they flow properly and that has yet to be done.”

Residents have been in contact with the Biloxi Public Works Department who have come out this afternoon to help get it cleaned up, but they have been fighting to get it fixed permanently with the city and have had no luck.

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