Flooding in Hancock County

Highway 604 in Hancock County is closed and residents are bracing for continued flooding as Pearl River is on the rise. News 25’s Shelby Myers toured Pearlington roads today and has the story.
Many Pearlington residents living just off Pearl River have already packed their bags and ventured to higher ground but those who have stayed behind could be bracing for the worst.
The last time Pearlington resident Jack Dawsey saw the Pearl River this high was in 1983. Pearl River’s predicted crest is 21 feet. It floods at 8 feet and the river doesn’t seem to be slowing down just yet. Many roads in Pearlington are completely covered by the Pearl River. That’s not stopping some residents from getting out, wading in the water and even riding their trucks and four-wheelers right through it.
If residents hoping to hunker down and ride out the flood find themselves taking on water inside their own homes, the West Hancock County Fire Department is prepared to bring them out of danger.
If the Pearl River continues to rise, parts of I-10 in Mississippi and Louisiana could still close.

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