Flood Insurance Rates

Living on the coast, we know far too well the devastation that floods can cause to our homes, but are you paying too much for your flood insurance?
As hurricane season creeps upon us, and flood insurance rates continue to rise, it’s time to start looking at what you’re paying for it and that time is of the essence.
D.A. “Hank” Rogers, community development director, said, “ Flood insurance has to be in place at least 30 days prior to a named storm going into the Gulf of Mexico, so once they consider it entered in the Gulf of Mexico, if you haven’t beat that date by 30 days, you can’t get flood insurance at the last minute, they will not write a policy, so it’s critical.”
Every city and county has a different class number that determines any discount you might receive. For instance, someone who lives in an unincorporated area in Harrison County receives a 5% discount, but those in D’iberville can expect something different. “As a class six rating in the flood insurance program, our citizens are currently receiving a 20% discount on their flood insurance. We just want to make certain that they know and understand what community numbers that they’re in,” said Vicki Watkins, D’iberville CRS coordinator.
When FEMA drew up these maps in 2009, they incorrectly labeled some parts of D’iberville as still being Harrison County, resulting in some residents not getting the full discount in flood insurance they could have been getting. “And that’s why I’m trying to emphasize to folks that’s out in the new annexed area that we annexed a couple of years ago to make sure when they talk to their agent that they’re getting the discounts that are due to them by being a part of D’iberville.”
Also, keep in mind you flood zone, which also impacts your rates. As many coast residents know, with the rising costs of flood insurance, being prepared in an emergency can save not only money but peace of mind.
If you have any flood related questions or would like to know which flood zone you’re in, you can call 228-273-3324.

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