Flood Insurance

Flood insurance rating for Biloxi

This year, the National Flood Insurance Program gave the City of Biloxi a rating of 5 for their flood insurance policies. Biloxi is the only city with a rating of 5 in the state. This means residents who have a…

Time to buy flood insurance for hurricane season

Hurricane season is rolling in and the City of Biloxi wants to make sure residents don’t drown in flood damage. It takes 30 days for flood insurance to go in effect and hurricane season is less than that time frame…

State Senators Want to Redo Flood Maps

Members of the Coast delegation are trying to do their part to lower flood insurance rates. State Senator Sean Tindell and others are leading a charge to change FEMA flood maps for the Coast. The charge started as a bill…

Flood Insurance Rates

Living on the coast, we know far too well the devastation that floods can cause to our homes, but are you paying too much for your flood insurance?

Flood insurance to see increase

The coast has come a long way since Hurricane Katrina, but now it is time to help replenish the Government’s flood insurance program.