Flashing Signs give Speeders a Heads up in Biloxi

Speeding motorists on Highway 90 in Biloxi and other city streets are getting a friendly reminder from the city to slow down.
In an effort to get drivers to pay more attention to their speed, the Biloxi Police Department, at the suggestion of Mayor Andrew ‘FoFo’ Gilich, began installing several small electronic devices to existing speed limit signs. They display excessive speeds in flashing numbers. The signs can also count the number of vehicles on streets where they are positioned to help the city with traffic planning.
Biloxi Police Chief John Miller said, “What we’re trying to do with the speed signs is to make people realize to check your speed, you’re exceeding the speed limit. We would prefer to do that than to write tickets. We would prefer people to slow themselves down. We know there’s a large percentage of folks who are going over the speed limit because they just don’t realize it. They just have not realized that their speed has gotten that fast. This way this wakes them up and they’ll realize it and they’ll slow down.”
The department hopes to order ten more of these signs and install them around the city.

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