Flame Throwing Contest at the Island View Casino

They’re fast, they’re loud and they play with fire. We’re talking about this year’s flame throwing contest at the Island View Casino that had thousands of people there to watch the action.
Every contestant had a different style of flame throwing. To create the extreme flames the driver will let the gas come through the exhaust pipes which creates the fire. Of course, the rides are decked out but it’s not just about the looks.
Some contestants say the sound their car makes is the icing on the cake. Contestant Delemor Ausmer said, “I brought it last year, it wasn’t like I wanted too. This year, I decided to go do something different, do something bigger. It’s an 806 F150 with injected gas in it to make the big boom and do it for the crowd.”
The winner tonight was the Swamp Rat from Louisiana and the fan favorite was the Orange GMC from Indiana.

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