Flag Debate in Gautier

Although Gautier City Council unanimously agreed to leave the state flag flying high at City Hall, they still want to see state officials come together to create a different flag to represent Mississippi.
After last night’s council meeting, Gautier might just be the Coast city leader to get officials talking about a new flag and talking about the real underlying issues.
Tuesday night, 25 Gautier residents spoke their mind on what the state flag waving just outside of city hall really meant to them. Some responses likened the flag to a symbol of hate. Some responses were downright angry. But some responses called for a unity between both sides.
Ultimately, the decision was to leave the flag flying but Gautier City Council also decided it’s time for a new state flag. Mayor Gordon Gollott said, “We passed a resolution to request that the state Legislature consider changing the state flag. That resolution will be mailed to all of our local Legislatures, Philip Gunn, the house speaker, and all of the state leaders.”
State leaders like Representative Sonya Williams-Barnes, who is drafting legislation to remove the Confederate bars for good. “We need to now start to move in a progressive way with progressive thinking and one way of doing that is to make sure those bars are removed from our state flag.”
While many Gautier residents are upset that the flag would not be coming down, they said they were happy that a discussion is finally taking place on this controversial issue.
Could Gautier requesting state Legislature to change the flag be the catalyst for other Coast cities to join in on the fight? Mayor Gollott says it already is. “We were contacted today by the city of Ocean Springs, asking if we could send our copy of our resolution to them so they could make one up.”

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