Five People Rescued After Their Boat Sank Near Port of Gulfport

Just days after four Biloxi boaters were saved by the Coast Guard in Louisiana waters there were some tense moments out in the Gulf today after a small boat capsized near the Port of Gulfport.
Five people are lucky to be alive tonight after swimming their way to safety as their boat sank. Buddy Hall reflects on those scary moments out on the water.
What started out as a peaceful day fishing in the Gulf quickly swirled into a nightmare for Buddy Hall and four others as a wave swept over their boat, which quickly began to sink. Emergency help did not make it to them before the boat capsized, but luckily for Hall and his group they were only 20 or 30 feet from the rocks attached to the Port of Gulfport. Port workers were able to pull all five victims to safety. “All these construction workers were great. Like, 30 of them came down there and helped us,” Hall said.
Lex Galle, the security guard at the Port of Gulfport said, “There’s a lot of dangerous rebar sticking up in the water. They could have sustained substantial injuries. For them to make it up safely is a blessing.”
And while very thankful everyone is safe, Hall can’t help but be saddened by the one lady left in the water. “I just bought that boat a couple days ago. So, anyway, it’s history, I guess. I don’t know. It’s in the water upside down,” he said.
Shortly after Hall and his group were rescued, the Coast Guard assisted a different mariner also stranded near the Port of Gulfport.
Certainly not the boat trip any of these fishermen imagined when they left the docks this morning, but while they didn’t return with the catch they were looking for, they’re grateful to have returned with their lives.

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