Fishbone Alley Renovation Coming to Downtown Gulfport

Restaurants and businesses are popping up in downtown Gulfport at a rapid pace. To add more beautification and another tourist stop to the area, the city has a big project in the works.
Between 26th and 27th Avenue sits your typical alley way: full of trash, graffiti and stagnant water. It’s a Gulfport eye sore. “It’s dirty. It’s greasy. It’s nasty. There is trash and all kinds of disgusting things out here,” said Brandon Atwell, owner of Murky Water Blues and BBQ.
In the next 45 days, the dirt and trash will be a thing of the past because the alley way will undergo an extreme makeover. Gulfport Economical Development Director David Parker said, “Construction is about to begin on Fishbone Alley, which is a new renovation, complete urban renewal of an existing back alley. It’s going to be a new tourist destination with lights and art, music and dining in the alley. It’s going to be really cool.”
Parker says Fishbone Alley will also have a cobblestone pathway right down the middle of the street made from original bricks dug up by the city and trashcans will be creatively covered. The alley will take on a completely different look.
If you are sitting outside eating on the back patio at Murky Waters, the view is right into the dirty alley. Owners are hoping to take full advantage of the new alley way when it is complete. “We’ll put tables and chairs and we’ll serve and seat people out here,” said Atwell.
“We’re going to be enhancing our back gate where it’s going to kind of match the front, so people can come through both sides. It’s just going to be a wonderful little pedestrian pathway, I think, that’s going to bring back some of the older elements of downtown Gulfport,” said Ken Conn, Mosaic’s general manager.
The city has opened up bids for construction on the Fishbone Alley project and construction will begin in six weeks.

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