First Responders Appreciation Lunch

Members of Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church in Ocean Springs are always on a mission. Today, members of the church’s senior ministry were on the front lines, serving local first responders at their annual First Responders Appreciation Day.

Ambulance workers, fire fighters, police officers, all first responders, and often the first and only line of defense in a tragedy or emergency, ready to protect and serve. On this day, the senior mission group at Macedonia Missionary Baptist Church turned the tables, serving South Mississippi’s first responders with a heaping helping of home cooked food. Senior Mission Vice President Theresa Dantzler said, “It’s all about giving back. The community, AMR, police and everybody gives so much to us. We just feel like it’s time for us to be servants and to give back to them.”

Detective Adam Carter with Ocean Springs PD said, “It is a relief to take a break. You have days where you are busy, busy, busy, and then you have days when you get to slow down a little bit. Days like this when you are allowed to slow down just a little bit, and get to enjoy this amazing food, and all these wonderful, loving, smiling people, it’s amazing.”

This is the third year the church’s senior women’s ministry has put on this appreciation luncheon and first responders say it’s something they look forward to each year. Ocean Springs Fire Chief Jeffrey Ponson said, “It does make us feel good, heart wise, that they take time out of their day to show us some love and we appreciate it.”

Whether armed with a frying pan or fire arm, their mission remains the same, just on different fronts as those on both sides of the table do their part to serve our local community with the gifts and skills they’ve been given.

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