First Responder of the Year awards presented at Long Beach City Hall

In city hall meetings across the Coast, several first responders receive recognition for their heroism and daily sacrifice.

Long Beach City Hall erupted in applause as fireman and law enforcement officer of the year awards were presented.

The American Legion normally presents these awards nationally, however, for the first time, local first responders are also honored.

According to Commander Bill Moran of American Legion Post 1995, these winners were chosen by members of their department.

Long Beach Detective Brad Gross has served in law enforcement for 17 years and Fireman Lee Jordan joined the fire department three years ago. Long Beach Police Department Detective Brad Gross said, “It’s always an honor to be nominated especially when it’s coming from your peers, I’d like to say that this was a solo effort but a whole lot of men and women put in work to make this happen so it’s not just a me thing.”

Fireman Lee Jordan said, “I’ve got a lot of support. I always have from one day one and I love them.”

First responders were honored during Gautier’s City Council meeting as well.

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