First Friday block party in Downtown Biloxi

This evening in Downtown Biloxi at the District Green, their First Friday Block Party kicked off Easter weekend.

To honor the holiday weekend, Biloxi Main Street added an adult Easter Egg Hunt to this month’s block party.

Guests were asked to collect three eggs hidden in Downtown Biloxi stores, on streets, and placed randomly within a one block radius.

Once eggs are collected, participants win gift baskets, gift certificates and many other prizes.

This fun and festive Easter Egg Hunt separates this First Friday Block Party from last month. Biloxi Resident Clay Gutierrez said, “Family atmosphere everybody got their kids out here and it’s going to fade into the night life, couple places to go, lots of things to do. It’s just a good change, really positive for the area I’m glad to see it. We’ve been popping up and down the street went to Skal a little while ago, the axe throwing place, got a couple drinks, we ate over here at the little health food place, had some good sandwiches, got some food trucks out here and there’s a lot to do.”

The event started at 4 p.m. and ended at 9 p.m. Be sure to check out Biloxi Main Street on Facebook for next month’s First Friday’s Block Party details.

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