First Day of School at Harrison Central High

Staying dry was the main concern for students at Harrison Central High School today as doors opened for the start of their new school year.
Administrators worked non-stop to make sure students made it to class on time and all parent questions were answered.
The first day of school emotions varied throughout the hallways. Freshmen tell News 25 most of their day was spent adjusting to larger classrooms.
Returning students say today is just one day closer to graduation. Sophomore Sarah Ritzer said, “Just learning all about how handbooks and how our school year is going to go and how teachers will work with us.” Junior Rashaelyn Dalavallade said, “It was cool. It was better than all the other two. I’m just excited to be back. I have a lot of hard classes, so this is an exciting year.”
Students tell News 25 today’s heavy rain didn’t put a damper on the excitement of returning to school with old classmates and teammates.

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