First day of class at Biloxi Upper Elementary

The fifth and sixth graders in Biloxi are starting the school year off with a big change.
Today’s the first day the old junior high building opened as Biloxi’s new upper elementary school. With the seventh and eighth graders in the new building, Biloxi officials say having the fifth and sixth graders in the same building will help the students transition better into junior high.
It’s also the first day of school for the upper elementary’s new principal. Principal Kelleigh Reynolds said, “There was a lot of preparation put in on the front end to make sure we were planned, we were organized, and that we had communicated out with parents, teachers, and students exactly what the expectations are. So, today, I think has been a fantastic start to the school year.”
Before becoming principal, Reynolds worked in the Biloxi School District for 15 years.

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