Fireworks Safety Should be Top Priority this Weekend

The Fourth of July is coming up this weekend, which means food, flags and fireworks, but things can turn deadly in a second. News 25’s Laurene Callander talked with an experienced fireworks vendor, whose been burned herself, and bears a warning about the dangers of fireworks.
It’s been just over a week since 22 mortar shells were stolen in Ocean Springs. Sheriff Mike Ezell said, “We’re still investigating the case on the mortars that were stolen a couple of weeks ago. We have no developed any new information.” They were supposed to be used for a fireworks show. “If one of these things goes off in the wrong place, it can be very, very, very bad,” said Sheriff Ezell.
Tammy Hayes, a Wild Pete’s Fireworks Employee, has been lighting fireworks since she was kid, but even with experienced hands like her, anything can happen when dealing with explosives. “Well, I was lighting it and the elements changed, it was beautiful day and all of a sudden, the wind shifted and the lighter caught my thumb and I got a really bad blister, just from the wind changing directions. So you gotta be very careful,” said Hayes.
Warning labels and adult supervision can work as a good deterrent. Assistant Fire Chief Mark Dronet said, “A lot of people think sparklers are safe for kids, they have embers that’ll fall off and burn the kids. Even though they’re nice for kids to look at, it’s something that kids shouldn’t handle.”
Fire officials say always handle explosives with care, and remember dynamite, or fireworks in the case, can come in small packages.
Chief Dronet said, “It’s more common to have an issue with fireworks because you’re dealing with a small explosive, you’re dealing with fire, so yeah, and I would say fireworks are dangerous. They’re great to have and good to look at and everyone enjoys them but you have to be cautious with them, with anything.”
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